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Covid-19 Policy Updates

If you or your child has been exposed to COVID19 or have symptoms of or known COVID19, please refer to these instructions from the Virginia Department of Health:  


To help minimize risk to our patients and staff, we have implemented several policies. First and foremost, we require all employees, patients over age 5 and families to wear a mask at all times over nose and mouth. For children ages 2-5, we request that they also wear a mask if tolerated. Masks with exhalation valves should not be used. N95 OR KN95 MASKS PREFERRED. 

Our waiting room is closed. We will have you wait in your car or outside until a room is available. We are cleaning the surfaces in each room after each patient, so this may take a little longer than usual. Once in the room, please stay in the exam room and do not allow children to wander. If anyone needs the restroom, please escort them there. We are separating well checks and sick visits in the office (both by separate times and rooms for sick patients) and seeing most patients with possible COVID19 outside. 

We are not collecting co-pays at the front desk, but will bill you for them. If you'd prefer to pay at the appt, you can ask the nurse or MA to let the front desk know, and they can come back to collect it. YOU CAN ALSO NOW PAY ON THE PATIENT PORTAL.

Please fill out all forms online on the patient portal or print out and bring in. This will minimize communal use of clipboards and pens (but we do clean each after use when they are needed). Since you will not be waiting in the waiting room, you will not have time to fill these out before the appointment once you arrive. We greatly appreciate the effort everyone is making to get these done beforehand. It improves the quality and efficiency of the visit. If you are unable to do this beforehand, come to your appointment 15 min early and we can bring forms out to your car. 

If patients or parents have respiratory symptoms or possible exposure to COVID19, please alert us before the appointment so we can prepare accordingly. If your child is sick on their well check day, we will need to move them to a different time or reschedule. We will ask you a series of screening questions before you enter the office. Failure to be honest on any of these questions will be grounds for dismissal from the practice. 

To further minimize office exposure, we are doing some telemedicine appointments, which are covered like in person sick visits by most insurers. This will not work though for well checks or things that really require a physical exam, like checking for wheezing or ear infections. We set up video visits by appointment only, and use several platforms (trying to find the best one). You'll be notified which we are using when you schedule the appointment. Telemedicine appointments have their limitations, but they are efficient and convenient for some things. These were not usually covered by insurance before the pandemic, but we hope they will continue to be covered long term. If you are unsure about your insurance coverage for these, please check with your company.

We appreciate everyone's understanding of the minor inconveniences required to keep your kids healthy and on track with their health care.